Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Colic Calm Review

I remember furiously typing 'colic relief' into Google search and hoping to whatever powers may be that I would be able to find some sort of respite for Sol when, during his first few fledgling weeks of new life, he had colic. And he had it bad. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with a baby who has a meek or mewling cry; this kid has a set of pipes and lungs on him that would probably scare the hair off of a witch's nose mole. His painful, constant shrieking for hours on end without me being able to comfort him was many times too much to bear and so, I searched. I tried everything: I rubbed his belly, bicycle-stretched his legs, stopped eating dairy, vegetables that made me gassy, everything, and not a stinking thing worked.

So, finally, I gave in and bought Colic Calm. I will admit to being a fan of homeopathic remedies as opposed to conventional Western medicine. I feel that nature provides the necessities in order to heal oneself of their ailments, so after discovering this product, I decided it was very much worth a try.

The Good: Almost instantly (which is less than 5 minutes for a mom who has been listening to a baby scream for hours on end), this stuff works. You have to initially titrate the doses, increasing in small increments until you finally reach the suggested dosage. It worked well and I used it (and sometimes still use it!) very, very often.

The Bad: This stuff is a tar black liquid, due to the activated charcoal present within the ingredients. And it stains. Horribly. That's not to say the manufacturer doesn't let you know to begin with that it stains, but good golly, this stuff ... stains. On top of the staining (even in the baby's poo!), which is bound to happen since babies love to regurgitate, and even after a few hours, can still have little streaks of black in their lovely spit up, this stuff is expensive. It is not very economical at all; a 2 ounce bottle, which can be anywhere from 24-48 doses, dependent upon age and weight, (when you can give up to 6 doses per day), is not going to last you very long at all.

The Verdict:
Despite the price, I know some moms (myself included) are willing to stain their baby's clothes, their clothes, the furniture, the carpet, the dog, as well as willing to pay 20 bucks for the piece of mind and temporary relief this stuff will give. It worked like a charm for what I consider to be a severe case of colic. If you have the money available, and are at your wits' end with needing something to relieve your poor child's colic, I would definitely, definitely recommend Colic Calm.

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