Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Review

A little back story for those who do not personally know me or my situation in general: I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy back in October. The hospital that I gave birth in was less than helpful in assisting me with breastfeeding my child. It never has been an option, to me, to give my child formula. Despite the setbacks that we've faced during his two and a half months alive (and kickin'!) so far, I finally have begun to get the little one to latch on. It took me nearly 10 weeks to finally stop pumping (though I still have to on occasion, when he refuses!) so that I could truly experience what it meant to breastfeed!

During this time, I have had to deal with a myriad of problems ... Mastitis, from switching to pumping to breast-feeding, thrush, and most notably, cracked nipples. I'm sure this might be an awkward or uncomfortable topic for some women, but for me it's reality. And since I'm still working with the baby to get a proper latch (I had inverted nipples to begin with and he has a tongue-tie that hopefully will be clipped soon!), cracked and sore nipples are basically an every day thing for me to deal with.

When I asked manboog to pick up some crack cream for me, he brought home this lovely purple bottle; I think he chose the flashiest one that was available in the baby aisle for me. And so far ...

The Good: This stuff works pretty well! I would say I have a particularly horrible case of nipple cracking, and Lansinoh HPA Lanolin has helped me heal between feedings. The best part about this stuff is that you can leave it on even while the baby is feeding, unlike a lot of other creams and ointments designed to heal the sensitive area that is a woman's nipple. The lanolin is pure and 100% natural and safe for me and the baby.

The Bad: It takes a while for this product to get used to the temperature of your home. It was very hard to squeeze the lanolin out of the tube for the first handful of times I needed it. And when I did manage to squeeze a pea-sized amount of product out, before it finally was warmed up, it was unyielding and not particularly malleable. It is also nearly $10 in stores, but I feel that after the initial cost that it lasts so long that the price is reasonable to pay.

The Verdict: I would probably have bleeding and incredibly sore nipples if I didn't use Lansinoh HPA Lanolin. I'm not kidding. This product has facilitated the breastfeeding experience for my son and I tenfold. I would easily recommend this product to any mom struggling with the horror and pain that is nipple cracking.

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