Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Motherly Reviews

Hello there, everyone! This is my first blog post for my review website. I'm going to be reviewing, as my little tyke grows, products that we purchase and those bestowed upon us by gracious sponsors.

Babyboog is currently 2 months and 1 days old; time really does fly. Since we in this household strive to try new things, I have, over the course of his short life, used more diapers, wipes, clothes, pacifiers, bottles, and so much more, than I care to admit! I can only imagine that this product list will grow more and more as he ages, and as manboog and I might add to our little roost. :)

I hope everyone finds these reviews informative and helpful when trying to make purchases online. I will be objective and review items for what they are; if I have had a bad experience with a certain line's diapers, I will not necessarily hold that bad experience against another product of theirs.

I strive for ease, to be as 'green' as I might (with the exception of diapers! I will be switching to cloth as soon as the baby's poops are a little more solid. 8D), and for all around contentment in this household! I hope that what I might find out about certain products will help other moms, dads, and families in general make educated decisions about products they may be considering purchasing.

So, here goes!

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