Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pampers Swaddlers Review

I enjoy trying different diapers out. I think every mom is on the quest to find the right diaper for them, and the right diaper for their baby. Since Sol was born, we've tried a plethora of different diapers.

Originally, our plan was to go the cloth diaper route; I have a bunch of diaper shells and covers, I just never bought liners and it is probably a good thing I didn't, at least for now. That's not to say I don't have guilt for using disposable diapers, since I know they take so very long to erode within landfills ... but at the same time, the hospital stays we have had to endure, on top of all of the other medical issues with the baby, I think it is best, at least until he starts eating solids, to continue on this path.

That being said, Pampers Swaddlers were the first diaper that my child was ever put into. They are everywhere in the hospitals. Now, I realize every baby is different, and every situation is different, but aside from maybe receiving sponsorships from the company for the hospital, and their yellow-to-blue indicator for wetness, I'm not sure this is the best choice, at least for us.

Here's the good and the bad:

The Good: Swaddlers are pretty unique in that they have a yellow strip that turns blue when a baby is wet, which is very helpful in determining whether or not your child needs a diaper change. They also consist of an inner mesh, which reminds me of a (sorry for any men reading this) woman's menstrual pad, which seems to lend the diaper a bit more staying power in the, "We're out and about, I haven't checked my baby's diaper in a little while, oh God I hope he isn't leaking" department. They hold up fairly well and are durable ... for the most part.

The Bad: I hate to be critical of anything, but where Pampers Swaddlers are great at catching and keeping urine in them, they have had a tendency, with my child, for the poop to leak out. And when your baby has that liquidy, seedy breastmilk poop, it never makes for a good time. The one thing that the Swaddlers seem to lack is a lining at the diaper's back, that makes it more uniform to a child's hindside, to keep icky messes in. I would add to this that the diapers' leg holes also can leak baby poop very easily; I find I have to latch the diaper very tightly in order to deter this, which can lead to the infant's discomfort.

The Verdict: Pampers Swaddlers would be the best diaper I've ever used, if only they would add a body-forming lining at the back of the diaper and tighter leg seams to keep the more interesting and violent of baby messes cooped up within the diaper. The baby and I have had our fair share of clothes ruined because of rather explosive messes finding their way out of the back, and also down the leg holes.

For newborns, this is not really a problem as their meconium is thick, tarry, and not overly viscous. I would also say that for newborns, these diapers are not a horrible choice; they are a good learning tool for parents and they also help mom and dad keep track of dirty and wet diapers more easily, which is very important in making sure a baby is receiving adequate amounts of food at every feeding.

I would recommend these diapers to parents of newborns, for sure, but I would not recommend them fully for children over one month of age.

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