Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nuk Ultra-Thin Nursing Pads Review

As a nursing mother, I am particularly in need of a nursing pad that will allow me to nurse in public (and in private!) without fear of staining every single bra I own! I picked up a box of Nuk Ultra-Thin Nursing Pads at the local grocery store because I was in dire need of some; I had been at my mother's house visiting and I had been using menstrual pads I cut in half as makeshift absorbers.The Good: I think these nursing pads were relatively cheap: discounted or on sale. They were available at the grocery store that I was at, and so the ease of purchase was nice, considering my predicament.

The Bad: But, that's about all there was to this product being good, whatsoever. The edges of the pads are coarse, despite the claims of being gentle. They are VERY thin and so they slip everywhere when you are wearing a bra. Because of these nursing pads, I found myself in the habit of completely taking off or down (depending on which bra I was wearing) my bra/the cups, and using a towel to absorb what came out of the breast I was not nursing on because the ultra-thin nursing pads did not absorb my rapid flow.

The Verdict: I would never, ever recommend the Nuk Ultra-Thin Nursing Pads. I am a fan of their other products; I like their bottles, the bottle nipples, and the pacifiers, but I am less than pleased with what happened when I used these pads: abundant leaking.

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