Thursday, March 8, 2012


I'm so sorry about the lack of posting. Life has been hectic and crazy lately; there have been a few deaths in the family and a ton of craziness going on! I'll get back to it with a bunch of reviews, hopefully to keep everyone sated since it's been a while! :)

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  1. Just been reading your problem on laleche league. Only have a second to write as I have a grumpy 3 week old. Have you considered that your baby is getting too much foremilk and not enough hind milk and that's why baby is feeding so often because they aren't getting the fatty milk? Just yesterday I tried hand expressing an ounce before feeding my baby to try and give him more hind milk and he seems to be more settled since. I was worried he had silent reflux because he was unsettled after feeds but once I started hand expressing the foremilk and throwing it away he seems to be more content and lasts longer between feeds now 3hrs between as opposed to 2hrs. Also I gave a pacifier at 2 weeks and he still feeds ok and has put on 8oz in a wk. if you are at your wits end and nothing else works could you try one bottle of formula a day to give yourself a break as you sound like you are gonna burn yourself out which is no good for you or your baby or toddler. Also what are your baby's poops like? If they are green this could be your baby getting too much foremilk.

    Hope this helps. I really wanted to write. I think breast fed babies can over feed. They can get reflux and silent reflux and they can take a pacifier and still feed and put on weight

    Good luck

    Helen x